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User should be able to close the menu by clicking anywhere on the white panel, when the left menu is exposed not just on the hamburger
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Getting back to the article is cumbersome due to the small target

This issue concerns the target area for closing the left menu.

Launch Wikipedia on Mobile
Invoke the left menu
You will see a white panel which is a portion of the article on the right.
At some point the user may want to simply get back to the article they were reading.

Current Behavior:
In order to get back to the article the user must click on the hamburger menu which is 50px X 50px only.
The design pattern here is that clicking anywhere in the white space must collapse the menu.
This is an established design pattern on Facebook web app, Facebook Native app Path and some other popular apps and users have an established mental model around it.

Expected Behavior:
Clicking anywhere on the white article portion should collapse the left menu and allow the user to get back into the article.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement




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I disagree that this is critical but it should be relatively easy to fix :)

Vibha what happens when the user clicks on the grey menu or search.. does the menu close in these cases to?

Also on a tablet in beta the menu only takes up 20% of the screen and doesn't impede reading. Can I assume that clicking in the white area has no effect in this case?

Nope, menu should only close if the user clicks on the chrome or the white section. I can quickly show you behavior on facebook web app, native app.

Bump! Just ran into this during the QA meeting -- agreed that tapping on the article area should close the menu.