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Allow for sorting Special:UnreviewedPages by time since creation
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Allow for sorting Special:UnreviewedPages by time since creation.

Requested on pl.wikipedia:

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This request makes a lot of sense. I would even say that sorting by date is more relevant that sorting alphabetically. Is it EASY enough to deserve such keyword?

No idea.

It has, however, just been asked for again on the same venue at pl.wp.

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It seems rather hard. It queries the page table with left join on flaggedpages to filter out pages which have a reviewed version. page has a lexicographic index but no time-based index; doesn't even contain that information in an unindexed way. You'd have to rely on the page creation log (which is unreliable in many ways) or walk the revision table's (rev_page, rev_id) index. And it uses the querycache table (in a custom hacky way as it's not actually a QueryPage subclass) so you would need to cache the two sorting modes separately. And the code is of course 100% undocumented.

...although maybe for querycache it's fine to just do a filesort on the page table (filtered by namespace)? It's a few million rows at most.

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