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API data push/pull guidelines
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Author: M8R-udfkkf

There is a lack of guidelines regarding the rate at the mediawiki API may be used.

Specifically for the enwiki and commons api (if it doesn't matter, please say so):

For bots:

Are simultaneous uploads permitted? E.g. uploading 3 20MB files simultaneously to the commons on a 1Gbit/s line. What is the max rate permitted?



Version: 1.21.x
Severity: minor



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This doesn't seem to be related to the MediaWiki API so much as a request for documentation about the allowed use of the API on WMF wikis. You'd probably do better to ask on wikitech-l[1] than in bugzilla.

The closest thing to an official guideline that I am aware of is

In general, best practice seems to be to have one request outstanding at any time, and to use maxlag[2] to have your bot automatically stop when the servers are overloaded.


See also [[mw:API:Etiquette#Request limit]]

And Notes to library developers on [[mw:API:Client code#API Access Libraries]]