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Please bundle MobileFrontend and dependency in the MediaWiki distribution tarball
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Author: jasonspiro4

[[Usage share of web browsers#Desktop and mobile browser usage]] cites StatCounter saying that mobile browsing makes up 14% of total web browser usage.

Please include the extension [[mw:MobileFrontend]] as part of the MediaWiki tarball you distribute at it makes MediaWiki work well on mobile devices. Also please include [[mw:Extension:OpenSearchXml]], in order for searching in the mobile view to work properly.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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I believe we should just make core MediaWiki work better on smaller skins. I've started working on this at bug 44386 recently.

jasonspiro4 wrote:

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Until core MediaWiki does work better on smaller screens, it's worthwhile to bundle MobileFrontend.

jasonspiro4 wrote:

At least one wiki administrator out there wasn't able to find MobileFrontend when he looked for a mobile skin. He wrote[1] a few days ago that he went looking for a MediaWiki mobile skin, but that it seemed like the one Wikipedia used was either unavailable or was difficult to implement.

^ [1].

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He wrote[1] a few days ago

Feb 2012, actually a year ago (doesn't make your points less valid though).