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Rename reverted magically
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A month ago I renamed [[w:zh:User:Shujenchang]] to User:ZH979433 on zhwiki. It was successful and the user made many edits under the new username.

It was noticed yesterday, all of sudden, that seems the rename was somehow reverted back to User:Shujenchang

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Below are links to details:

CentralAuth shows that User:ZH979433@zhwiki has 0 edits.

but tools didn't pick up the local account.
Due to the replag, a few hours ago the sulinfo tool still showed that ZH979433@zhwiki had 5000 edits.

Now we have an unmerged User:Shujenchang@zhwiki. All his edits seem to be attributed under this username, however [[w:zh:Special:Contributions/ZH979433]] and [[w:zh:Special:Contributions/Shujenchang]] are showing the exact same thing.

It looks like:

user_name in user table has been reverted.

  • 1. row ******* user_id: 979433 user_name: Shujenchang

every _user_text in other tables are not affected.

  • 1. row ******* rev_id: 25406107 rev_user: 979433 rev_user_text: ZH979433

Now [[w:zh:Special:Contributions/Shujenchang]] is querying revisions for a logged-in user, revisions are listed based on rev_user. [[w:zh:Special:Contributions/ZH979433]] is querying revs for anon users, and revs are listed by rev_user_text...

I redid the renaming.

A similar situation:

mysql> select * from revision where rev_id=24215946;






However this revision belongs to Kontos, who was renamed to Sanyi4 in Feburary,

Yet his rename is also somehow reverted

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