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[DO NOT USE] Chinese Wikimedia projects (tracking) [superseded by #Chinese-Sites]
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WARNING: This tracking task has been converted to Chinese-Sites as per T124283: Replace tracking bug T125033 by new project tag "Chinese-Sites" . Please use/watch that project instead.

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font packages are now installed on all appservers, not just imagescalers, this should have fixed some issues with missing fonts in EasyTimeline extension

Just say goodbye to the first declined subtask.

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Liuxinyu970226 updated the task description. (Show Details)
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This tracking task has been converted to Chinese-Sites as per T124283. Please use/watch that project instead.

Aklapper renamed this task from Chinese Wikimedia projects tracking to [DO NOT USE] Chinese Wikimedia projects (tracking) [superseded by #Chinese-Sites].Dec 21 2016, 9:59 AM
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Aklapper removed subtasks: T109174: ContentTranslation inserts HTML source when adapting {{Cite journal}} from English to Czech, Chinese, T144840: Investigation: Numerical sorting for more wikis, T43716: [EPIC] Support language variant conversion in Parsoid, T147541: Consider `text-emphasis` usage instead of `italics` in UI for languages like Japanese or Chinese, T149027: Item titles in search result should respect user's variant settings, T149064: Still show Simp. Chinese in Explorer tab when system language is Trad. Chinese, T137039: Enter app from website got wrong language, T148854: Use RESTBase for zhwiki, T149278: The "Hidden full text manual conversion tag" -{H|}- were failed with zh-hans and zh-hant variants in Mediawiki 1.27.1, T73815: PDF should be rendered in the user's specified language converter variant, e.g. Serbian in Latin script (sr-el), T56942: Set the language variant of the user interface according to geolocation, for relevant languages, T109366: Chinese language utilities, T21044: Document LanguageConverter, T65236: Chinese text in SVG files misplaced and clustered, T142140: Lang ID Eval Set for Dutch, T142991: Enable "upload by url" feature at zhwiki, T136996: Enable VisualEditor by default for all users of the Chinese Wikivoyage, T137786: Deploy IDS extension to zh.wikisource, T136561: Two page titles on zhwiktionary inaccessible after ICU upgrade (to 52.1), T55794: Modify link text on group references e.g to remove blank, T135575: Enhanced RC "new page" indicator causes misalignment in fullwidth character languages: replace nbsp?, T134094: Http response content is sometimes broken when gzip is not set, T128425: Introducing the Book Creator in Chinese Wikipedia, T114734: [Spike] Title and TOC not converted for Wikidata page banner language variants, T22319: Top of #p-personal cropped/cut on zh-wiki using IE (CSS issues), T66153: Sometimes user preferences change gets reverted (User:Liangent@zhwiki), T49126: Rename reverted magically, T22825: Change default font for EasyTimeline on zh projects to something that actually has glyphs for Chinese characters, T36919: Language conversion is not applied in documents delivered by the Collection extension, T61598: Cite: Improve acceptance of buggy ref wikitext, T95502: Flow: Automatic conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese of zhwiki that are not supported in Flow pages, T95408: Liangent's user page and user subpages on zhwiki, T15301: Allowing to change conversion mode for edit preview contents, T118882: Honor Accept-Language header to set language variant, T7343: A standalone version of simplified-traditional Chinese converter, T34943: Auto-conversion between zh-hans & zh-hant in <syntaxhighlight> elements, T122942: RFC: Support language variants in the REST API, T35740: Transcluding Special:PrefixIndex clears parser state, T52270: ULS doesn't store input tool as enabled when enabled for Chinese (maybe any language without an input method), T124283: Replace tracking bug T125033 by new project tag "Chinese-Sites", T98836: Graph Extension doesn't render Chinese in Graph images, T62147: *links rows get lost randomly, T46667: Allow multiple collations in same site and configure zh collations, T54429: Canonical URL should include language variant, T51274: zh-hk, zh-cn, ... should be changed to zh-hant-hk, zh-hans-cn, ..., T91151: Chinese language converter doesn't recognize Accept-Language: zh-Hans-CN, T116474: Edit quality campaign for Chinese Wikipedia, T49029: '幺' => '么' in ZhConversion.php is wrong., T11419: Allow Special:Export to work with converted aliases (for Chinese, Kazakh, ...), T115799: Revise last year Editing Wikipedia brochure in Traditional Chinese, T123313: Some revisions on Chinese Wikisource have timestamps from January 1970 and January 2001, T17161: A generalized language conversion engine, T60729: Don't add space characters between transcluded pages in Chinese Wikisource, T108443: Google doesn't honor canonical URLs of, T92628: Unicode replacement character \ufffd appear in text extract if exchar cuts at section boundary, T70265: /* section title */ in edit summary shouldn't get language converted, T55641: zh-..., pt, and other language variants are not supported by CentralNotice, T39591: Recover history loss on as result of several page renames (page move), T77967: Language converter can't work on the results of Special:Search.Dec 21 2016, 10:03 AM