Chinese text in SVG files misplaced and clustered
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Author: winstonyin

Centre-aligned Chinese texts are misplaced, and tb-rl vertical Chinese text is completely clustered into one blob. The former problem is not seen with Latin script texts. SVG files generated using AI or Inkscape have this issue.

Problematic Chinese veresion:
English version, no problem (note the vertical text is rotated, not tb-rl):
latin caracters no problem

Partly addressed by

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal


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Thanks for taking the time to report this! Might need fixing in librsvg which is used for this, but not maintained by Wikimedia maintainers.

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@Shizhao, per your action, is this also happened on zhwiki?

If yes, a screenshot would be much helpful

@Shizhao: I don't see anything specific about Wikimedia Commons in this task. Hence removing the Commons tag. If there is, please elaborate.

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