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Option to group filters & their logs
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Present problems to edit filter managers and patrollers on wikis where lot many filters are in use

  1. On single topic/subject/issue there can be multiple filters for various reasons created as and when required and thus they are not in single order to track or compare or make changes in them.

    For example in English Wikipedia if one has to search all filters that handle abusive language one has to go from one page to next page searching visually.SO this process can miss the fact that a filter is already available and just not tweaking and he may end up working on a different filter or creating a new filter effectively causing a duplication of activity.

    Requested Solution may be
    1. Search titles & Filter ID no: Add filter IDs not in search and save search or
    2. assign topic/group/issue name to existing filters
  1. The same thing is about Special:AbuseLog either it gives filter log of only single filters or all filters together Here in this case solution seems simple Special:AbuseLog already has a search field Filter ID: This search field should accept filters ids with commas and should have a capacity to save search

*This bug is created by splitted point no 2 from T49494: Option to view public filter and its logs only for abuse filter management. Again in this bug their are 2 points please guide if I do need to split it again

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feature request -> severity = enhancement

Why don't tags fit the purpose for you? Doesn't the list of all filters placing some tag provide you a topic grouping? Special:AbuseFilter itself is already quite crowded.

Topic grouping through tags is good for abuse log check up.Filter group does not apear in chronological order.If for some reason some filter had to have different tag then that wont apear in the group you suggested.Secondly those filter which trip less no of times wont apear and above mentioned possibility of duplicity continues.

I have provided multiple alternatives above if some alternative can not be considered for any reason, rest can still be considered.

:With more experience accumulated with the edit filter management,As an edit filter manager, I am more certain that not only grouping is needed but there is also a strong case for need to "group enabling" of filters or "group disabling" of filters


1)For smaller wikipedias,in certain cases,certain category (cluster) of filters are needed at specific point of time say for handling certain specific type of events may be specific type of spamming or certain type of edit wars (and there can be more cases) where in we use edit filter cluster more as a capacity and ability to have "Deterent" to handle certain situation.

  1. When situation is not persisting we will love to disable a group of cluster and save the server resources.And we should be able to enable them as a single group when we do need it.
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