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Use CORS-enabled fetch of scripts to avoid same-domain limitations in JS error logging
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  • make sure all script files are served with CORS Allow-Origin headers
  • make sure script tags added by ResourceLoader in the process of module loading have a crossorigin="anonymous" attribute

This should only be done if T507 shows that CORS fetches work reliably for the overwhelming majority of users.
If this turns out to be problematic, T513 could be an alternative.

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Not necessary after T95448 (global user JS is still loaded cross-domain I believe, and some gadgets have central wikis, but those use cases are not worth the effort, and might go away after T31272).

Still useful for third parties I guess.

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At the time of creating this task it was assumed that the server side implementation of error logging would be based on Sentry. We have eventually decided on a different implementation, so de-tagging.

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