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Item creation from another item
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Meaning that the user wouldn't need to interrupt the process of modification of an item to create another one. It will probably be an applet for item creation combined with an entity suggester (for instance when adding an edition it would suggest "is edition of" the item currently being displayed).

This is interface solution came up when trying to solve the edition problem
(entering edition information from a work item page without having to abandon the work page to create the edition item), however once implemented it will benefit all Wikidata users.

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This could be probably best done with an gadget for experienced users. It should definitively build-in into its workflow some techniques to avoid creating too many duplicates or other spurious items.

I am going to close this as we really need to get the number of open bugs down. (Sorry!) I agree with Denny that it should be done as a gadget. After some experimenting with this we can think about moving this into Wikibase.