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[Epic] Getting Wikidata to render nicely on mobile web
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For reading is looking pretty good.

A few things need to be fixed before this can be considered done.

  1. There are two headers on item pages. Not sure why this is happening but I figure this is due to core code not making this easy. Let's fix this in core for both mobile and wikidata
  2. Disable sections collapsing by configuring $wgMFCollapseSectionsByDefault = false for the wikidata instance
  3. Optimise the main page (please see
  4. Search currently doesn't support human readable search terms due to Wikidata search api using different query to other mediawiki instances. Let's try to find a nicer way to do that.

Would be great to fix the above things first and then work through the problems I have identified in:

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Let's please coordinate work on this properly before further steps. We're in the middle of a complete UI redesign.

Is there a branch we can review the UI redesign on? Max and I are pretty keen to support this and I don't anticipate much work from our side in keeping in line with that work.

There is no branch as we are doing this incrementally. Tracking of that is at T54136.
I'll open tasks for the issues I found. Can you open tasks for the rest you are aware of please?

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@Lydia_Pintscher @Bene is this task and subtasks still active and up to date?

Thanks for mentioning this "responsive" mode, I forgot about it. Unfortunately the mode seems to be unmaintained since 2015, and makes the page quite unusable. Also I wonder how this helps if people navigate via the "mobile" link at the bottom?

I would close this task as done and open smaller, more specific tasks if necessary.

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@thiemowmde it's just a thought - since wikidata is a separate site you could disable mobilefrontend and enable the Vector responsive mode for all page views... and
we could use that as an opportunity to improve it. Not saying it's the right approach but something to consider as MobileFrontend's main purpose is formatting html content from editors that is not mobile friendly and providing a different skin for mobile (see Extension:MobileFrontend to get a list of things it does - and think about whether Wikidata uses/needs any of these). Not sure if all of them makes sense strategically for wikidata when all you seem to need is a responsive skin but worth thinking about.

Closing per your suggestion :)