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[Bug] "other languages" layout does not adjust nicely to mobile
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while there are many issues with Wikibase on mobile, it's (imho) decently usable when it comes to looking at labels, aliases and descriptions in "other language": (with changes in

pasted_file (866×1 px, 162 KB)

on master, the layout does not adjust so nicely to mobile:

pasted_file (863×1 px, 122 KB)

part of the issue is that Mobile.css needs to be adapted to changes in css class names and the dom.

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This is a very similar problem to T53533
We really need some kind of abstraction level for registering languages, so that MobileFrontend and Minerva skin know where to find the API. We currently rely on the API and a Special:MobileLanguages page (see T104660)

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