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Provide a way to exclude certain links to disambiguation pages from [[Special:DisambiguationPageLinks]]
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The page [[Special:DisambiguationPageLinks]] (currently) has the item "ASCII → ASCII (disambiguation)" but it is the code {{about|the character encoding}} from [[ASCII]] which (intentionally) creates the link to the disambiguation [[ASCII (disambiguation)]] (and there is no other link to the same page).

For maintenance purposes, it would be great to have a way to exclude this kind of links from the special page.

Maybe we could have some tag which could be used in the [[Template:about]] as in
<validLinkToDisambiguationPage>[[the link]]</validLinkToDisambiguationPage>

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Saehrimnirwikipedia wrote:

This would also be useful to filter out Links from disambiguation pages which should be fairly simple because of the Magicword. Also certain templates like {{other uses}} which alway link to disambiguations.

In practice, this bug makes the list almost useless, because it gets filled with legitimate results that could be (easily?) prevented.

Since disappeared, editors going after wrong links to disambiguation pages don't have any useful tool.

(I'm echoing the complaints of the community)

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As said above, this task makes [[Special:DisambiguationPageLinks]] useless on most wikis given there are legitimate links to disambiguations pages, often in header templates.

I see various possible syntaxes:

  1. <validLinkToDisambiguationPage>[[the link]]</validLinkToDisambiguationPage> (new HTML tag)
  2. <span class="disambiguation-page">[[the link]]</span> (CSS-like class)
  3. [[the link|the link|options=disambiguation-page]] (extended wikitext syntax)

It’a a matter of preferences, but I’m not convinced by any option. I wonder if a more general tag supported by MediaWiki would not be better: something like <specific_content disambiguation_page="true">[[the link]]</specific_content> where the attributes would be extension-specific (I think also to an attribute search="no" to disable search on some support templates).