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"Exception Caught: Language not set" with messagegroupstats WebAPI query and dynamic group
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Calling action=query&meta=messagegroupstats with a dynamic group, e.g. URL, produces:


"error": {
    "code": "internal_api_error_MWException",
    "info": "Exception Caught: Language not set",
    "*": "\n\n#0 /www/ RecentMessageGroup->getDefinitions()\n#1 /www/ MessageGroupOld->initCollection('aa')\n#2 /www/ MessageGroupStats::calculateGroup(Object(RecentAdditionsMessageGroup), 'aa')\n#3 /www/ MessageGroupStats::forItemInternal(Array, Object(RecentAdditionsMessageGroup), 'aa')\n#4 /www/ MessageGroupStats::forGroupInternal(Object(RecentAdditionsMessageGroup))\n#5 /www/ MessageGroupStats::forGroup('!additions')\n#6 /www/ ApiQueryMessageGroupStats->getData()\n#7 /www/ ApiStatsQuery->execute()\n#8 /www/ ApiQuery->execute()\n#9 /www/ ApiMain->executeAction()\n#10 /www/ ApiMain->executeActionWithErrorHandling()\n#11 /www/ ApiMain->execute()\n#12 {main}\n\n"


Expected: stats for the messages contained in the group for each language (at least for !additions) are produced, or a meaningful error message is provided.

Note that !additions and !recent are not allowed as input in the special page (which just ignores them).

Version: master
Severity: normal



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Change 74944 had a related patch set uploaded by Nikerabbit:
Check and disallowe dynamic groups in ApiQueryMessageGroupStats

Change 74944 merged by jenkins-bot:
Check and disallow dynamic groups in ApiQueryMessageGroupStats