VisualEditor: Allow preference to move toolbar to over navigation sidebar
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The editor an en.wp who signs as "Josh, linguist" has left the following suggestion about toolbar placement in the Visual Editor:

"I've encountered a sort of inconvenience which is the following: while editing, the toolbar occupies a significant area in the upper third visually and otherwise blocking the text, when we, at the same time, usually have an unoccupied area to the left (where the navigation column is which is often empty much below the existing items); the question is why not to devise a possibility, an option to change its place — I mean the toolbar could be opted to place it either where it's offered to be now – or, otherwise, on the left side of the pane – where it should not be blocking an essential area of the text to edit, in this case the text available without scrolling will be by, approximately (depending on your zoom), a half more than it is now."

For RTL wikis read "right" instead of "left".

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


bzimport set Reference to bz51951.

This is an interesting idea, and one worth exploring; right now, the team are focussed on squashing bugs, performance fixes, and core usability experience improvements, so I'm marking this as "Lowest" priority for now to avoid cookie-licking.

Hmm, interesting idea. Lack of vertical space is especially a problem when using an on-screen keyboard, like on a tablet.

In that case, though, we'd only really have room for six toolbar options and then "…", which I'm not sure is much better. :-(

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