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Editing: Swedish wiki (SV)
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Screenshot from Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu.

When making an edit I cannot save. Error message (in Swedish) "Fel, redigeringen sparades inte".

I attached screenshots from desktop (Ubuntu 13.04) with Chrome and Firefox. I have also tried it on Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.2.2 with Chrome and Galaxy Nexus S 4.1.2 with the default browser, all with same result.

Article in screenshot:
(But i tried other articles too with the same result.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


Screenshot_No_save.png (779×931 px, 196 KB)



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Looking at the error logs it seems all errors so far on sv wikipedia claim to give the reason the edit failed due to the user being blocked.

I'm assuming your username is not blocked which is very puzzling...

I just successfully editing on sv wiki including on that page. There is something particular about your user account.

Could you tell me a bit more - e.g. username, edit count, user rights etc etc ?

Hi Jan,

It also might be a gadgets issue – which gadgets do you have installed?

I tried to edit from User:Ainali, a couple of thousand edits since 2006, confirmed user and rollbacker. I also tried with User:Jan Ainali (WMSE), my staff account at Wikimedia Sverige. Neither worked.


I managed to do an edit on, but can still not make one on Swedish. Looking at the tags, it seems like only one user has managed to do it:

We had a separate issue with mobile tagging not working but have been running into project specific filters such as AbuseFilter where edits fail due to certain characters.

I made these edits (latter is tagged now tagging issue fixed). Have you tried a simple text edit like that one? Maybe it is triggered by something in the content you post?

Keen to get to bottom of this!

I am trying to make a simple text edit to but it fails (both from Android and Chrome OS). Also my colleague User:Lokal_Profil cannot do edits on Swedish Wikipedia but he is able to do it on English (He also uses Android and Chrome).

Every error thrown on SV Wikipedia so far has been logged with error code 'blocked' and I can link those to your edits.

Is there anything installed on that wiki that would incorrectly throw this error code for you when the user is not blocked?



Disregard this, wrong way of testing.

Ok, so I managed to do an edit on Swedish Wikipedia with User:M.ainali which has no user scripts and only these two gadgets:

Looks like there's indeed a block, everyone can verify it themselves by visiting

I couldn't save, and I'm getting


Which corresponds to

We need to start reporting edit failure reasons and probably investigate if we're handling XFF properly and not blocking IPs nedlessly.

Without logging in I get this as meta=userinfo:


The block was made to that IPv6: [1]

The IP 2620:0:862:1:26B6:FDFF:FEF5:ABB4 is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation [2]

Apparently, that's the IP of the mobile frontend server, but MediaWiki doesn't recognize that IP (and maybe other used by the infrastructure) as an internal proxy, so they're exposed as the User's IP. That IP is probably missing from $wgSquidServers / Manual:$wgSquidServersNoPurge


It might be a previous block that are making a mess? In 2009 I accidentally blocked myself:

I managed to film what happens, and in the sequence, a page is shown saying that the user is blocked, reffering to 2009 (a bit blurry in the video though (what I am doing is going forward in the browser to create a new page)) and without stopping, it forwards me into the editing window without other warnings:

(In reply to comment #13)

Yeah, I've already asked ops for a full list of Amsterdam IPs so that we could whitelist them.

Change 76205 had a related patch set uploaded by MaxSem:
Whitelist our IPv6 range

Change 76205 merged by jenkins-bot:
Whitelist our IPv6 range