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VisualEditor: Edit notices (and other toolbar notices) should have a close button
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It isn't obvious to all users that clicking on the warning about Wikitext will make it disappear.

For example, PamD at en.wp said:
"I edited an article and found I'd got the popup saying I'd been using wiki markup, I should go into Edit Source, my edits wouldn't be saved, etc. I knew I'd input a pair of ''s at one time but had then remembered the error of my ways, removed them, and marked the title as italic in VE style, so was pretty confident I hadn't used any wiki markup and went ahead and saved the edit (difficult because the popup was sitting on top of the savepage box)."

The main issue there is Bug 52155, but after being pointed to that bug she replied:

"so if I'd clicked on the box it would have gone away... ? Not obvious!"

It would be good to add an X in the upper right corner to indicate that it can be closed. This wouldn't change the behaviour that clicking anywhere on the box dismisses it, just give a visual indication that it can be done.

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There have been two independent requests for this today on en.wp (one reporting an issue on he.wp).

It was also noted that the close indication should be applied to edit notice popus too.

en.wp user Mark M comments re the wikitext warning:
"It wasn't obvious to me how to get rid of the notice. In fact, it popped up and partially cover the "save" button in such a way that when I tried to click save, nothing happened, and the notice was still there! For a few seconds I thought I wouldn't be able to save my changes at all, even though I'd removed the wikitext. Fortunately I kept clicking nearby (in frustration) and the notice disappeared. But I would have been helped if there had simply been a "dismiss" button, or something similar, that indicates you should click on it to dismiss it. This wasn't obvious to me."

These alerts are rendered by a MediaWiki core interface. VisualEditor just calls mw.notify. It does not and should not be modifying those alerts by other means.

Please file a bug in core for this (or move/depends-on this bug).

Rephrased bug to not mention "wikitext message". Instead focussing on notices that pop out of the toolbar, which are indeed created by VisualEditor.

Change 87034 had a related patch set uploaded by Jforrester:
Toolbar action widgetization and UI refactoring

Change 87034 merged by jenkins-bot:
Toolbar action widgetization and UI refactoring