VisualEditor: Toolbar scrolling off the screen on longer articles, possibly due to touch-screen environment
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MyOnlyEye says, "When I write long articles in VisualEditor the whole screen scolls - and the VisualEditor toolbar is scrolling upward and out of the screen. If I want to make a headline or instert a picture I'll have to scroll up to the top to reach the toolbar. I've tried it in the lastest edition of Firefox and Chrome in Win8 - on my own mediawiki with visualeditor and Wikipedia and Mediawiki....On every page that is longer than the screen - e.g.
I've tested a bit (after I wrote the feedback) and it seems to be OK on my Win7 and Linux-box (chrome and firefox, both in 64-bit), but it's not working on Win8 (32-bit). Both the lastest 32-bit edition of Chrome and Firefox have the "scrolling error" on my Acer W510 Win8-laptop in desktop-mode (and in tile-mode :-)....I tried the electron-article and updated my own wiki (with git pull on mediawiki developer and visualeditor). I tried it in Firefox and Chrome (latest 32-bits editions)....I've installed a virtualbox with Win8 (32-bit, same as my Acer W510) and ran some wiki-pages with visualeditor in Chrome. No problem with the toolbar. So there seems to be two options left - 1) it's the intel screen driver (Intel HD or 2) it's how the browsers behave in a touch screen environment. My W510 has touch screen, the virtualbox Win8 hasn't....
I've tested it on another Win8-machine (ASUS VivoBook S400 14" HD touch) with different hardware than Acer W510 _but_ with a touch screen - and... the toolbox/-bar scrolled out of the screen. So my guess is that this is something that happens when the browser knows that the user can scroll the webpage with the fingers."

It is apparently not quite the same as

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bzimport set Reference to bz53550.

This sounds bad for our impending work for mobile. :-(

odin wrote:

I just testet the bug in Android 4.2.1 with Chrome (on a Samsung Galaxy S4) - and when I scroll, the toolbox moves out of the screen.

odin wrote:

Also confirmed in Android 4.3 (with default Chrome browser) on Asus Nexus 7 (2012).

odin wrote:

Now working in the lastest Firefox v25.0 for Windows8. Still not working in latest Chrome.

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