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Don't release any new VE updates for three months
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Author: Wikifram

After the failure of VE (e.g. witness the opt-in at the three largest wikipedia versions), the WMF now comes with MW 1.22wmf19, which creates more errors than it solves for VE, as could be predicted by anyone remotely busy with VE. I have documented some problems I found with minimal testing, there are probably a lot more. The version doesn't do what the release notes claim (e.g. reflists can't be moved, not that they often need moving anyway; many templates can't be moved either), and doesn't solve the major problems that existed with the one thing that could somewhat be dragged, images.

Multiplying known problems instead of solving them, when there are plenty of major problems which have turned away most of your user- and testbase, is simply stupid.

No one is waiting for weekly updates (certainly not of this "quality"). Please, PLEASE, stop it; get back to the bug list, solve the 50 most urgent ones, ''test them thoroughly yourselves", and then come to us, present the improvements, and ''ask'' us whether we want to implement and test them.

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Discussing deployment policies is nothing that should happen in a technical bugtracker (however once a discussion *has* taken place in a better suited place, the request for changing the configuration based on that consensus can be filed as a ticket in Bugzilla).
Please take this discussion to the talk page or to the mailing list instead to *discuss* this request first, as statements here seem to be rather subjective (which does not necessarily mean "wrong" though).
Thanks for your understanding.

I agree with Andre here.

Though I'll also point out that, while it's a little less than ideal, any Wikimedia wiki that currently has opt-out VisualEditor deployed can request that VisualEditor be switched to opt-in mode (similar to the setup on the German and English Wikipedias) by establishing a local community consensus. For further info, users should consult [[m:Requesting wiki configuration changes]].

Wikifram wrote:

While it is an improvement that the wikis can request an opt-in, I'm not interested in that. You (WMF) are pushing untested, deficient software to us, making things even worse when tempers are already running high; we don't have the means to stop your releases apparently (or if we did stop them, some people would again get very upset probably). I'll try to find a better location for this, but this is not about the policy, this is about the VE being one major bug that shouldn't be released at all until it is seriously improved.

Wikifram wrote:

MZMcBride, is that an official policy or wishful thinking? I can't an official statement that declares that the opt-in is now an automatic right of all Wikipedias if they want it.

(In reply to comment #4)

MZMcBride, is that an official policy or wishful thinking? I can't an
official statement that declares that the opt-in is now an automatic right of
all Wikipedias if they want it.

How official would you like the statement to be? I've declared this both on Bugzilla and on-wiki (on the English Wikipedia).

Is there any Wikimedia wiki community having trouble getting VisualEditor switched from opt-out to opt-in?

Qgil added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 2:28 PM

(In reply to comment #4)

Is that an official policy or wishful thinking?

VE product manager James Forrester told to Tech Ambassadors at
See also

"However, if there is community consensus that your wiki does not want it
yet or is not ready, it can of course be reversed to "opt-in" - just file a
Bugzilla request or contact your local community liaison."

Wikifram wrote:

Allright, thanks to both for the reply.