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Treat code-only interwikis as valid for main page
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Originally from:
Reported by: Anonymous user
Created on: 2011-09-19 11:07:11
Subject: Treat code-only interwikis as valid for main page
Assigned to: xqt
Original description:
Interwiki in the form of \[\[en:\]\] links to the main page.

It is easy to generate \(on Toolserver or from SiteMatrix\) a list of interwikis in this form for the main page and they are correct links.

So the bot must not remove them nor change them.

Suggesting the following process:
1\) Pull MediaWiki:Mainpage and store it in some variable.
2\) When dealing with interwiki, first compare, if the page title == that variable.
3\) If yes, simply put short interwikis there \(or at least do not remove nor correct them to long\)

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Severity: enhancement
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Legoktm created this task.Oct 5 2013, 4:48 AM

r9672 enables short interwiki links but replaces the page title to the MediaWiki:Mainpage message

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Is this useful? Most mainpages are protected aren't they? Why don't we just have the bot ignore/skip mainpages altogether?

I guess it is usefull if the bot can handle with links like \[\[:en:\]\] rather than giving an error. It is able to create a page objekt. And this could be used indepedent from operating on the main page itself.

XZise added a comment.Nov 2 2014, 12:51 PM

With at least Link.parse supports interwiki links without any title (so [[en:]] for example). So the bot ifself should substitute '' with the mainpage. I previously wanted to add it but John pointed out that it's problematic:,cm

So I'm not sure what we can do about that here. Maybe Page.init does change '' automatically to mainpage or so.

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