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Don't use wiki project ID in user interface of OAuth MediaWiki extension
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When you visit [[testwiki:Special:MWOAuthManageMyGrants/manage/34]], the user interface makes reference to "wiki project ID". This is problematic.

Generally, this is a complete foreign term to all users. Even very experienced users will not know for sure off-hand that "wiki project ID" refers to essentially the project's database name.

"Wiki project IDs" are confusing, foreign, and inconsistent.

For example:

enwiki is for


commonswiki is for


mediawikiwiki is for

Users can easily assume it is "enwikipedia" or "commonswikimedia" or "mediawiki".

Given that this naming system is basically broken and is super-confusing to users, OAuth's user interface should probably use something saner such as wiki domain names.

Users can copy and paste these from their URL bar, they're hyper-familiar to users, and the only real issue you need to catch is "" vs. "".

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This bug is closely related to bug 55714.

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