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Review and deploy OAuth extension to Wikimedia wikis
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This is a follow-up to bug 54071, which requested that [[mw:Extension:OAuth]] be deployed to phase0 wikis (testwiki, test2wiki, mediawikiwiki, and testwikidatawiki).

This bug tracks deploying the OAuth extension to all Wikimedia wikis.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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Change 96890 had a related patch set uploaded by CSteipp:
Enable OAuth on all wikis

Change 96890 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable OAuth on all public wikis

OAuth is now enabled on all public wikis. If there's a burning need to put it onto the private wikis, we can. But MZ (rightfully) pointed out that it's probably best to run with it a bit on the public wikis, in case we encounter any auth mishaps. I don't anticipate any, but we've had pretty bad luck on the cluster lately.

So we keep this bug report open for deploying OAuth to private wikis?
Is there a rough schedule?

OAuth is on all wikis where we have CentralAuth, so any more wikis will be separate (* grants won't apply to those wikis), and have to be setup with a different configuration.

So far, there haven't been any requests for using OAuth on private wikis, and one of the use cases (parsoid) has been handled in a different way. I'm going to call this done. We can open separate bugs for any other wikis that want OAuth enabled.