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Wikimedia Labs system admin (sysadmin) documentation sucks
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I would happily fix many issues like occasional apache breakages etc, but it's really very hard because stuff is pretty much undocumented.

If Coren wouldn't document how tool labs work, he will probably remain the only 1 person who can ever fix anything there...

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It does, but that's hardly a critical issue.

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I think this is fairly important, and we should make better docs now. New tools admins would be joining us shortly, and this page should be much better.

Tested the failover. Worked perfectly.

Haven't tested instructions on bringing back a dead instance, though.

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Nothing is ever going to happen with this ticket as it's too broad to be useful. We are constantly trying to improve, and helping others improve the documentation, and thinking about the documentation of Tools.

Things are in a totally different state now than 2014.