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Application cannot be managed by multiple users
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Given the multi-maintainer nature of the toolserver and more recently tool labs, a tool may be maintained by multiple users. Currently, an OAuth application cannot be managed by multiple users, and should the original creator of an application wish to hand-over to a different user, this should be possible from the interface. It should also be possible for multiple users to maintain a single application.

The only current workaround I'm aware of is to create a role account to manage the application to which all users know the password.

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Good point. Multi-user ownership needs to be included in some form.

Maybe OAuth admins should be able to reassign an application to a different owner?

What has to be maintained? Most changes (anything that's not an IP address restriction or a key reset) require a new consumer to be created, and changing the main contact for the application can be handled in the same way.

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