VisualEditor: Clicking on parameters in the reference dialog box selects the wrong parameter
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Add a citation template

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Choose Insert > Reference
  1. Choose Insert > Transclusion
  1. Type "Cite web" into the box. Hit return twice.
  1. Click "URL access date" to add that parameter to the list. Cursor jumped back to "Add parameter" (not unreasonable; you might want to add lots of parameters before filling any of them in).
  1. Click "URL access date", which is now the first item in the left-hand column's list of parameters, so I can add today's date to my reference. Cursor jumped back to "Add parameter" (definitely unreasonable).
  1. Repeat that step as many times as you feel like.
  1. Give up and click on the second parameter, which is "Source title". Cursor jumped to the parameter box for "URL access date".
  1. Click on the third parameter in the list, which is "URL". Cursor jumped to the parameter box for "Source title". The only way to fill in any information for the last parameter in the list is to scroll down the list in the right-hand column.
  1. Read the article on [[:en:Fencepost error]].

Expected Results:
That clicking on the second parameter would actually take me to the second parameter, not to the first one.

Reproducible: Always

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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