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After setup of the wiki, the existing pages at need to be imported. uses PostgreSQL as the backend, so Special:Export/Special:Import is probably the way to go.

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Import done, will now have to perform some fixes. I don't plan to keep the category tree, only links for now.

In pywikibot user-fixes:

fixes['toolserver-move'] = {
    'regex': True,
    'msg': {
        '_default':u'Adapt page [[Thread:Project:Current_issues/Toolserver_wiki|imported]] from [[Toolserver]] wiki.',
    'replacements': [
        (r'{{(.)', ur'{{:Toolserver:Template:{{subst:uc:\1}}'),
        (r'\[\[([^|\]]+)\|', ur'[[Toolserver:{{subst:ucfirst:\1}}|'),
        (r'\[\[([^|\]]+)\]\]', ur'[[Toolserver:{{subst:ucfirst:\1}}|\1]]'),
        (r'^', u'{{MovedFromToolserver}}\n'),

Of course this is very simplistic (should exclude {{(..|/|#) etc. etc.) but unbreaks more pages than it breaks.