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Special character insertion replaces selected content (including focusable nodes)
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Steps to reproduce:

1.Open a page with VE
2.Select a gallery
3.Open the Special character inserter
4.Select a character

Observed Result:
Unlike other elements like math/hiero/image which gets placed right after the gallery even if it is selected, in this case the special character replaces the whole gallery.
The behavior should be uniform for all cases.

Test Environment:
Browser: Chrome Version 26.0.1410.65 & FF 25
OS: MAC OS X 10. 8. 5

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This is not a gallery specific issue ,it happens for other elements too.For Example: if you select an image or a text and Insert special character , it replaces the selection with special character.

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According to T60118 this is intentional, but I think we should reconsider, especially given T65227: Quotation marks added via special characters tool should wrap selected text, not replace it. WikiEditor's special character inserter has the same behavior, though.

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If it's a wrapper, we add it top/tail like you'd expect; if it's a non-wrapper character, we replace, which I think is fine.

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