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Use MW core button styles where it makes sense
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Some candidates:

  • Special:ManageTranslatorSandbox
  • Special:ManageGroups
  • Special:SearchTranslators
  • Special:Translate (maybe)
  • Special:TranslationStats
  • Many other special pages with forms



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This has been done for existing styled buttons for example in I3cae34f96f and in other commits.

There are some more places where unstyled buttons are used (e.g. Special:TranslationStats), but those should be updated as a whole.

  • Special:Translate (maybe)

TUX already uses OOUI. What other buttons are there?

I did just a quick refresh on the task description, did not check everything. I'd assume that everything that is a *regular* button on Special:Translate is already converted, but I did not verify. Out of my head:

  • Editor itself (done)
  • The bottom bar (likely not applicable)
  • Various "empty screen invite messages" (unsure)

Feel free to mark it as done.