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Spanish magic word for "raw" should have a trailing colon (sinFormato:, sinPuntos:)
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List of "raw" definitions in other languages


The following is defined in /IP/languages/messages/MessagesEs.php:
'raw' => array( '0', 'SINFORMATO', 'SINPUNTOS', 'RAW:' ),

The first two aliases are missing trailing colons. The line should read:
'raw' => array( '0', 'SINFORMATO:', 'SINPUNTOS:', 'RAW:' ),


There may be pages that are using SINFORMATO or SINPUTOS without the colon. I would think that these pages are few and far inbetween because {{sinformatoTemplateName}} is not legible. There do not seem to be any main namespace pages in any es wiki that use this construct.[1]


The construct "{{raw..." can have two different behaviors:

  • "raw magic word": {{raw:A}} will transclude the contents of Template:A
  • "template named raw": {{raw}} will evaluate a template called Template:Raw

However, in MessagesEs.php, SINFORMATO and SINPUNTOS are defined without a colon.

This would mean that the "raw magic word" behavior would have to be invoked by the following {{sinFormatoTemplateName}}. Compare this to {{raw:TemplateName}}. The absence of a colon would make the former hard to read.

This absence of a trailing colon is unique to MessagesEs.php alone. None of the other 40 languages that override the default "raw" omits a trailing colon. See the attachment: Messages_and_raw.txt

In addition, happens to have a template called sinformato:[2] Several pages actually have {{sinFormato}} as the first line in the wikitext, which MediaWiki is currently outputting as the literal {{sinFormato}}.[3] Although these appear to be the only 10 pages that use {{sinFormato}} and each of the 10 can be edited individually to use {{sin formato}}, the problem still remains that {{sinformatoTemplateName}} is a construct that is illegible and prone to error.


[1]: The Main (0) and Project (4) namespaces of the following dumps were parsed with XOWA:

2014-01-28 eswiki
2014-01-30 eswiktionary
2014-02-03 eswikisource
2014-02-01 eswikivoyage
2014-02-08 eswikiquote
2014-02-07 eswikibooks
2014-02-09 eswikiversity
2014-01-24 eswikinews

No occurrence of {{SINFORMATO}} or {{SINPUTOS}} (without a colon) were found, except for those pages listed in [3]. This makes sense as {{sinFormatoTemplateName}} would probably not be intuitive to many editors.

Note the following reservations:

  • The XOWA parser is not the same as the MediaWiki parser, so it's possible it may miss instances (I doubt it, but then again I am the XOWA developer.)
  • Only pages in the Main and Project namespaces were scanned. Other namespaces may be using the non-trailing-colon syntax
  • Only pages in the listed dumps were scanned. Recent edits or history versions may be using the non-trailing-colon syntax
  • None of the pages in derived Spanish wikis were scanned ($fallback = 'es'). This includes the wikis in the following language codes: 'an'; 'arn'; 'ay'; 'gn'; 'lad'; 'nah'; 'qu'

[2]: Specifically, Plantilla:SinFormato redirects to

[3]: The following are the only known pages in namespace 0 of the 2014-02-03 dump:,_N°1ón_oblongoón_con_una_momiaítulo_de_tierras_de_Los_Llanos_de_Santa_Rosa

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Change 112852 had a related patch set uploaded by TTO:
Fix some omitted colons in Spanish magic word l10n

Thanks for reviewing MessagesEs.php and changing the other colon-implied magic words as well.

You can fix this by yourself on, will than be exported from there to git master (Needs translator rights, use the First steps on the main page

Looks like someone already changed it.

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Fix some omitted colons in Spanish magic word l10n