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Include math extension again in default extensions of MediaWiki tarball
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Author: arnaud.cheritat

It would be nice to put back the Math extension in the default package (i.e. have it included, but not activated by default).

I'm a user on a math dept's shared computer system. The less I bother the admins the better it is.

Version: 1.22.2
Severity: enhancement



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I don't understand the request. By package you mean tarball and that it should not be an extension but part of core?
Or do you think that the extension should be shipped by default in the tarball?
I hope the request is not to revert bug 14202?

arnaud.cheritat wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

There is no math shipped at all in 1.22 : neither in the core nor in the default extension folder.

It would be nice to have it in the default extension folder. But afaiu, texvc needs to be installed on the server and available to apache for this to work. I don't have admin rights so I have to ask the admin each time I need that kind of modif: so shipping it does not help that much. I also realized there are several competing math extensions (MathJax for instance).

The Math extension has had somewhat complex external dependencies, texvc/mathoid, that make bundling problematic.

I have the same opinion as @Legoktm here: the extension Math requires some external config and it needs specific actions from the sysadmin. Also I’m not completely sure enough MediaWiki websites need maths to include it by default (see WikiApiary).