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implement light inline button style in mediawiki.ui
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The Flow discussion system uses a style for its post interaction buttons "Reply • Edit • Thank" that is even lighter-weight than mw-ui-quiet buttons (bug 62556). This could/should move to core, e.g. a mediawiki.ui.buttons.light module.

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This doesn't necessarily need its own module (if we put it in core, I'm inclined that it should go into mediawiki.button).

Change 121101 had a related patch set uploaded by Bencmq:
Add mw-ui-light button style

Looking at the complexity of the patch...
The problem with defining a .mw-ui-light style that modifies .mw-ui-button is that it must reset all of mw-ui-button's background, border, font-weight, padding, etc. simply to return to plain inline text. It would be simpler and cleaner to allow the existing mw.ui-{constructive,destructive,progressive,neutral} styles to add their coloring on hover & click to any item. Then we don't need a .mw-ui-light style at all.

This approach would also make mw-ui-quiet simpler; note Shahyar Ghobadpour proposes to get rid of mw-ui-quiet in core.

Change 121101 abandoned by Bencmq:
Add mw-ui-light button style

Seems to be addressed by the current anchors patch ( Will propose tagging as such.

I actually meant to link the original anchor patch (, which is merged.

I'm confused. is this issue fixed or not? If not could you more clearly explain the issue?

Yes, I think it's addressed by (the classes used for that probably need to be tweaked per bug 70818, but I assume the feature will be kept).

If not, please reopen and explain.