VisualEditor: Template tabbing is odd in Firefox (loses focus between parameters?)
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Tab through the fields in a pre-existing infobox

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Firefox 27, open a page that contains an infobox.
  1. The cursor is (should be) in the first parameter, which should light up with a blue border. Press the tab key.
  1. Where is the cursor now?
  1. Repeat.

Bonus: When you get nearly to the end of the template, use the mouse or arrow keys to click back in the first parameter. Press tab. The cursor should be in parameter #2, but sometimes it goes to the parameter after your pre-click location.

Actual Results:
You sometimes have to tab twice to get from parameter #1 to parameter #2. If you do, then select-all from the keyboard will select the TemplateData descriptions.

Reproducible: Sometimes

I was unable to reproduce this in Safari.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



This is probably Firefox not respecting tab-index: -1; or something. Eurgh.

Change 125894 had a related patch set uploaded by Trevor Parscal:
Only blur inputs within booklet pages when moving away

Change 125894 merged by jenkins-bot:
Only blur inputs within booklet pages when moving away

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