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make message changes character encoding
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If I use 'make message' to insert a message into the MobileFrontend i18n files, it also re-parses the files and changes the encoding. For example...
아라 changes to \uc544\ub77c
but strangely...
\u003C changes to < and \u0026 changes to &

I tried switching the open( 'file' ) commands to 'file', 'r', 'utf-8' ), but that didn't change anything.

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Severity: normal



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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Mingle card

I started a message thread about this on wikitech-l
Your thoughts there are welcomed.

Change 137832 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Make make message work again.

Change 137832 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make make message work again.