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Vector, Firefox and "Typography Refresh" makes titles in Template {{Titre section}} displayed too low on fr.wp main page
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Just check on fr.wp main page with firefox, skin vector, and de beta option of typographic actualisation on. And see the result :

The text of the template {{Titre section}} is out and under of back ground color.

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal


Capture_d_écran_2014-04-01_23:24:57.png (744×1 px, 338 KB)



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I enabled "Actualisation de la typographie" on and I can reproduce the problem on with Firefox 28:

Confirming that the headers like "Le saviez-vous ?" or "Actualités et événements" are displayed too low.

Wondering if this should/can be fixed in the template, or if this can be considered an issue in the "typography refresh" CSS changes.

I fixed the local template. The cause was the 1em top margin in the typography refresh. Not sure what can be done here.

As for the main page (which I cannot edit), it already has margin-top:0; for all H2 headers inline, but could use changing "padding:.15em .4em;" to "padding:0 .4em;".

Since the bug was in essence a clash between (changed) core- and local template CSS, and the template has been fixed, I'm closing this one as invalid.