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Description of change tags using slashes '/' in their names is not shown on Special:Tags
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See on Wikidata and sort it by the third column. The first, second, third and fourth tag have the third column empty but their MediaWiki: pages do exist. (Best viewed when you as sysop and can see "(edit)" links.) I think it's because the tags include '/' symbol.

Version: 1.23.0
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Yeah, slashes in tag names (and thus in names of MediaWiki: namespace pages) are probably impossible to support due to how our internationalization system works.

I'm not sure what we could do about it, maybe map '/' to '-' before looking for a message or something? (So the page for a tag called "a/b/c" would be "MediaWiki:A-b-c".)

I think the solution here is to prohibit forward slashes in change tags. This is planned to be enforced for manual tag creations in but it's not clear how that can be enforced for extensions. Well-behaved extensions would ideally call ChangeTags::canCreateTag (introduced in that patchset) to see if a tag name is valid, which would reject names like adding potentially mistaken label/description/alias.

As for the local issue on Wikidata, I think the answer to that is to coordinate between a Wikidata admin and shell user, so that the admin renames the tags to something else in AbuseFilter, and immediately afterwards, the shell user runs an UPDATE query on change_tag.