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UploadWizard blocks upgrade when used with PostgreSQL
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If I try to run "php maintenance/update.php" on a wiki that uses PostgreSQL as the database while UploadWizard is installed, it fails because extensions/UploadWizard/UploadWizard.sql tries to create a table uw_campaigns using syntax that is not valid in PostgreSQL.

If I inactivate the extension by commenting out the:
require_once( "$IP/extensions/UploadWizard/UploadWizard.php" );
then the upgrade completes. This leaves the uw_compaigns table missing.

Are there other extensions with db-engine-specific behavior, to serve as an example of the right way to fix this?

Presumably this problem applies to other branches as well, I only tested on 1.22.5 so far.

Version: REL1_22-branch
Severity: normal



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Change 132328 had a related patch set uploaded by Jjanes:
UploadWizard: Add support for PostgreSQL

Does anyone know if the existing code works for oracle or mssql? If it already works for them, I want to be careful not to break them. But if it doesn't work, that is less of a concern. sqlite3 supports the mysql AUTOINCREMENT syntax, but I don't think oracle or mssql do and so I think they are broken already.

Change 132328 merged by jenkins-bot:
UploadWizard: Add support for PostgreSQL

The fix is merged into git, but UploadWizard does not seem to have tarball releases anymore and so the fixed code must be obtained from git.

Does that mean it is now "resolved fixed", or is it still waiting for something?

Thanks for the heads-up. Closing as RESOLVED FIXED (which means that a fix was merged into the code repository).

Change 141203 had a related patch set uploaded by Inchikutty:
UploadWizard: Add support for PostgreSQL

Change 141203 abandoned by Alex Monk:
UploadWizard: Add support for PostgreSQL

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