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Port et al to core and move to separate package
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This is and it's dependencies:

I think this should be moved to a seperate package, which depends on pywikibot.

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: enhancement

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No idea for what this is good for.

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Change 198546 had a related patch set uploaded (by Prianka):
Porting et al to pywikibot-core from compat.

How do we use/test this?

After installing the irclib package, the bot starts up with

$ python scripts/maintainer/ 
WARNING: Type of 'console_encoding' changed
         Was: <type 'str'>
         Now: <type 'unicode'>

worker list:

I can then see that 'maintcont' has joined

/msg maintcont active
/msg maintcont workerjoin foo
07:05 <maintcont> accepted
07:05 <maintcont> tasklist rciw|censure

and on the console

worker list:

('worker got, name:', 'jayvdb', 'job:', 'foo')

worker list:
('*', 'jayvdb', 'has been removed')

how do we get it to do anything more than that?

As with T66848, I think this should not go into the main repository but an external one which has pywikibot as dependency.

No idea for what this package is good for.

Change 198546 abandoned by Xqt:
Porting et al to pywikibot-core from compat.

No idea for what tis package is good for. Please reopen if you need or maintain it.