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Provide a default edit summary when restoring an old revision of page
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Author: stanley

Just like deleting, it would be nice if there is default edit summary when reverting article (editing old revision). The default edit summary would be "Revert to last version by old_version_username".

+ old_revision_username : username who edit the old revision
+ This default edit summary can be made new system message for allowing localisation (Revert to last version by $1)

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'last version' is probably not wise as it may not be the last one. :)
Popping in a specific date/time might be good though.

stanley wrote:

Good point. Another approach is to make date/time as variable which can be

  • Revert to revision $2 by $1

$1 : oldrevision_user_name
$2 : oldrevision_datetime

lupin.wp wrote:

Won't this lead to misleading edit summaries when people edit an old revision
and change it but forget to change the summary?

A more generic message would be better ('based on version by Blah at XX:YY:ZZ')

stanley wrote:

Another alternatif:

+In diff view, add new link "Rollback to this version" to the old revision title.

"Revision as of 21:44, 2 Februariy 2006" [Rollback to this version]
The proposed new system message in #2 can be used by this action without
compromising comment #3

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #5)

I'd state that that's a whole other kettle of fish.

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