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Hovercards: Show cards for Talk page
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Hovercards shows little of interest for LiquidThreads and nothing for Flow talk pages.

It would be nice if the Popup showed

  • some indication of activity such as a count of topics
  • a text extract of the header of a Flow board if it's "interesting".
  • the date of most recent activity (which is not the same as the page revision's timestamp).

Note the MobileFrontend alpha shows a count of open topics within its icon for a conventional wiki talk page; it does this by retrieving the 'page_top_level_section_count' page property. This was discussed on the design mailing list starting with

The implementation of this might end up in Flow and Extension:TextExtracts and maybe ContentHandler; I'm filing it here because it's where people notice the feature.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Hovercards is a side project for most of the people working on it (myself included), so this definitely isn't on the cards (hahaha, I'm so punny) for the immediate future.

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