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VisualEditor: Adding nowiki tags in unrelated edit
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If you change anything in the template, nowiki tags will be added into the IUPAC name field. Also happens for the same article in other languages where the name is written in the same way (i.e. English or Spanish).

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Isolated brackets (with no letter nearby) in a template parameter (compulsory) are over-protected by nowiki tags on any change in the template

see :

Safari - MAC OS/X

This is slightly aggressive <nowiki>ing by Parsoid – looks to still be an issue. Is it a part of a wider task?

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Nominating as blocker since it's a pretty nasty issue. I'm not sure if it's still happening but we should make sure.

I'm unable to reproduce. I suppose this was fixed in the round of nowiki work last quarter. Please reopen if seen again.