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Prevent new account creations from taking names that have been requested in a pending rename request
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As a user who is going to be forcibly renamed
I would like my rename request to block new account creation with the same name
So I don't have to repeated attempt to find a non-conflicting name.

Check new account creation requests against pending rename requests in a 'AbortNewAccount' hook [[:mediawiki:Manual:Hooks/AbortNewAccount]] and return false if the requested name matches a rename request with the "pending" status. Renames that end up in the "accepted" status will already be block by virtue of being existing global accounts. Renames that end up in the "denied" status should not be considered because a steward's decision on a given rename does not constitute a permanently binding global ban on the use of the requested name. If the new account name is offensive or infringing it will be dealt with using existing community processes.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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