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Store rename requests in a central table
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To facilitate tracking of pending/approved/denied requests for account renames resulting from SUL finalization, create a centralized database table to hold requests. This table will be used to store new requests, back a request processing tool for stewards and block new account registrations from taking a name that pending approval as a rename.

; Current/Old Username
: The username of the user requesting the rename. This might not be an SUL username.
; Local Wiki
: The wiki that the request originates from.
; Requested Username
: The new, requested username. This is unique.
; Rationale
: Reason given by the user for the rename request.
; Request Time
: A datestamp when the request was filed.
; Status
: Pending, Completed, or Rejected
; Completion Time
: A datestamp when the request was completed.
; Done By
: The name of the Steward who closed the request
; Comment
: A text comment left by the steward upon closing the request. Optional, but assumed with rejections.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 3:38 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz68889.

As there is the potential for a requested name to be in conflict with a local "titleblacklist", is it possible to check the name against the system-wide, and not any wiki where it is in conflict? If too hard would it be possible for there be a capacity for it to run a check from the page.

Unless of course, the name change tool will be able to ignore any local rules, and to push through.

Oh duh, that would belong with the form, not with the table in the database. <DEL> <DEL> <DEL> ...

(In reply to Bryan Davis from comment #0)

; Done By
: The name of the Steward who closed the request

gu_id please.

Change 150997 had a related patch set uploaded by BryanDavis:
Add SQL DDL for rename requests

Change 150997 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add SQL DDL for rename requests

Table created in beta via:

mysql --database=centralauth --host= --password --user=mw < patch-requestrename.sql