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Run migrateAccount.php without --safe or --auto
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From , next step for bug 39817:

Iterate over all unattached accounts with email and, where all accounts for a username have the same (confirmed) email, merge them all. == Run migrateAccount.php without --safe and without specifying homewiki in userlist.

(Note: this skips usernames used by multiple emails across wikis; only with the --auto argument a winner is selected in such cases, with the same criteria as Special:MergeAccount uses.)

This only needs the list of usernames which in are counted as "with e-mail[3] 3,350,676" (or even just the "non-attached accounts 4,242,868", those without email are skipped).

This is totally non-disruptive and it's even less than what we now do automatically on login, but those 3M accounts have mostly not logged in for a long time. We really need to know if after this cleanup we have millions or merely thousands unmerged accounts, otherwise it's impossible to tell the order of magnitude of actual conflicts there are.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Unbreak Now!.Nov 22 2014, 3:31 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz69291.

Will bug 68069 be unnecessary if the "--auto" flag is used?

(In reply to Stefan2 from comment #1)

Will bug 68069 be unnecessary if the "--auto" flag is used?

Probably. Which is why it's out of scope for this report.

Currently generating the list of usernames on terbium...

Now running the actual script on terbium.

Sorry, I forgot to post here when it finished:

2014-08-18 15:42:12 processed 1528652 usernames (22.9/sec), 10 (0.0%) fully migrated, 7938 (0.5%) partially migrated

So we now have 10 new global accounts where all the local accounts had the same email.

legoktm@terbium:~/sul$ grep "ATTACHING" bug69291.log | wc -l

52 local accounts were attached to their already existing global ones.

Command I was running was: mwscript ../../../../../home/legoktm/migrateAccount.php --wiki=aawiki --attachmissing=1 --attachbroken=1 --suppressrc=1 --userlist=/home/legoktm/sul/bug69291.tsv | tee bug69291.log

This is a case that would have been merged, had they set the same email on all accounts before the script was run, right?

Yup, but according to the log though they hadn't set / confirmed their email address on all wikis though:

CentralAuth account migration for: Jborme
ERROR: Auto migration is disabled and email addresses do not match for: Jborme