VisualEditor/WikiEditor: Consistent terminology
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The terminology between WikiEditor (aka "Advanced toolbar") and VisualEditor MUST be consistent so people will not get confused.

For example in VisualEditor there is "Cite" menu, while in WikiEditor it is called "Reference" (Cite options in enwiki is only a gadget). It is super important, so we can guide new editors with same terminology. If you don't like the old terminology in some cases - use new one, but fix the WikiEditor to use it too.

[Longer story]
Today I participated in a workshop for new editors. We told the new editors they should use either VE or classic wikitext, and gave them printed instructions what to do, and they got confused of it...
[The first time ever for me to open terminology bug, yay :)]

Suggested terminology

VEclassic edit (including WikiEditor)SuggestionDescription
Review your changesShow changesShow changes
CiteReferenceReferenceCite may have disambig with quote. Both buttons are actually for adding reference/source
MediaEmbedded file (title), Insert file (dialog title)MediaMedia is more specific than file (e.g it doesn't mean you can upload article as txt file)
Heading, Sub-heading 1, Sub-heading 2...Heading, Level 2, Level 3Heading, Sub-heading 1, Sub-heading 2...
Search pages (in link dialog)Target page (in link dialog)Target page
External link (link dialog)URL (link dialog)External linkNot sure what is better. URL seems to be more technical