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2.0 Figure out how gadget naming collisions should work, and document it
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(RK) Figure out how gadget ID naming collisions should be handled, define this somewhere, and enforce it

I think local gadgets should take precedence, and then give precedence to whatever shared repo is first in $wgGadgetRepositories.

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Hmm, something else I thought of. Right now if a user enables a gadget "foo", and a repo higher up in the precedence chain creates a gadget named "foo" as well, the user will now get the JS/CSS from the new repo instead of what they actually enabled. If we make the local repo highest priority, a local gadget-manager could override popular global gadgets in this form to hypothetically compromise accounts. Or something not so good.

Possible solution: Embed the repo name in the preference key, so that if the source of a gadget changes, the user won't keep the same preference value. Might be a bit confusing from a UX perspective.

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Gadgets 2.0 is no longer implementing global gadgets.