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Full export of language files
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It would seem to have been a while since full updates of the i18n files have been done (core especially. I guess we should do extensions too?), and there are seemingly some messages that haven't been exported due to renames or similar.

Niklas suggested doing this around the time we do the CLDR plural updates

[20:52:54] <MatmaRex> are localisation messages pooped or is it just me? is in english, but it has a translation:
[20:52:58] <MatmaRex> displays in english on too
[20:53:58] <Reedy> MatmaRex: 1.25wmf2?
[20:54:21] <MatmaRex> yep
[20:57:50] <Reedy> Wonder if that's a question for the twn guys
[21:00:41] <MatmaRex> same here, but i really don't feel like investigating this in detail myself… :)
[21:01:30] <Reedy> I don't need more rabbit holes to go down tonight :P
[21:01:37] <Reedy> Simple question is whether it's actually been exported?
[22:00:02] <Nikerabbit> MatmaRex: doesn't seem to be exported from twn
[22:00:26] <Reedy> MatmaRex: +upstream-ed
[22:00:27] <Reedy> :P
[22:00:39] <MatmaRex> :D
[22:04:58] <Nikerabbit> MatmaRex: those messages were renamed... perhaps moves don't trigger exporting of recent changes
[22:05:48] <Nikerabbit> MatmaRex: I think we could do full-export at the same time we do cldr plural rule updates
[22:05:49] <Reedy> Time for full exports?
[22:05:53] <Reedy> :)

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Can we get someone to do these? :)

(In reply to Sam Reed (reedy) from comment #1)

Can we get someone to do these? :)

Raymond, interested?