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Family generator detection (tracking)
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When creating a Family class with generate_family_file (or adding functionality to AutoFamily) not all family features are currently detected:

  • shared image repository
  • shared data repository
  • disambiguationTemplates/category_redirect_templates/disambcatname
  • interwiki
  • encoding (if not utf8)/latin1old/code2encodings
  • 'globes', criteria metadata for Wikibase, does not exist. See T102741

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: normal
See Also:
T74847: fileIsShared only works with Wikimedia and Wikitravel shared repository
T74845: fails with exception trace if frontpage is not a mediawiki site



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What do you mean with “interwiki”?

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This intersects partially T89451 as the bug tries to reduce the number of family features known beforehand. E.g. if the wikibase service could be determine via the API it is not necessary to detect it in

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