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Deploy DynamicPageListEngine extension to Vietnamese Wiktionary
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At the Vietnamese Wiktionary, wikt:vi:Mô đun:DynamicPageList currently uses mw.text.unstrip() to modify the output of <DynamicPageList> – specifically, to add script-specific CSS classes and link anchors. This module is transcluded front and center on the main page. Unfortunately, mw.text.unstrip() is about to be removed due to T63268.

This is a request to deploy DynamicPageListEngine as a replacement for the APIs currently used by our DynamicPageList module. DPLE would also give us some additional flexibility via its “extra information” feature.

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The same unstrip() trick is being used by Module:tagged but not listed at the English Wiktionary.

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Currently not deployed anywhere on Wikimedia... so other stuff needs to be done before this is enabled on viwiktionary.

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Marking as stalled to match all other tasks of the same nature which are in the same status.

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