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GlobalRenameQueue testing
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As a Steward or global renamer, I need a simple interface for handling a large number of rename requests due to SUL finalization.

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Hi! Great tool, with some minor issues, which I have listed below. No idea if it's the right place, I'm a bit lost now. It could be that a part of this is related to T76774.

  • Renaming a non-SUL account (requested through a local wiki) will not create any public log excluding pagemoves. See es.wikibooks recentchanges, "Global Renaming test account (Savh)" was a non SUL account, rename requested through [[es:b:Special:GlobalRenameRequest]] and performed, no local nor meta log.
  • Accounts whose requests are rejected should also be notified. Since they are submitted privately, posting a response on-wiki may not be ideal.
  • I've done some testing, and haven't yet received a mail informing me that my account was renamed. Is that only me? Can that be checked?

Ideally, though I'm aware that it's more complicated:

However, since we're (or maybe it's only me) always complaining, I also want to thank you for this tool, which will definitely improve the handling of the renames. Thanks!


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@Keegan, I noticed you moved this to the 'Done' column of a workboard. Is this task resolved?

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