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Labs available in the new data centre (with Neutron/IPv6)
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Currently, the bigger stumbling block is the architecture of networking with Neutron, which does not support the model we currently use (single, flat, uniform network with DHCP)

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We've deprioritized this, and it's no longer a quarterly goal for Ops. There appears to be very little demand for having Labs available in codfw at this time, and even some requests NOT to have it due to added complexity. Also because we're not able to deploy with Neutron yet, we'd have to go with Nova-Network again, and enforce yet another migration for our users later on.

We might still setup a (small) Labs cluster in codfw for very limited (internal?) purposes though. Also, we will continue to have our backup storage in codfw as well.

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With T85610 also being declined I'm going to say any work towards this end is a ways off and will be tracked in other tasks